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Director of Public Health Annual Report 2017

Local authorities are now at the heart of the drive to improve and protect the public’s health and reduce health inequalities following the Government’s 2012 health and social care reforms.

Below are Bury's Public Health Annual Reports. The most recent is from 2017.

Bury Council and its partners have delivered a wide range of services and programmes which have a direct and indirect impact on improving the health of the Borough’s population. 

The strengthened public health remit, an assets based approach to community development and excellent partnership relationships present exciting opportunities to further improve the health of residents.

However, there are also significant challenges. Social, economic and environmental factors beyond the direct control of local agencies significantly influence our health throughout our lives. Having a good quality, secure job, a decent place to live and a clean and safe environment are all basic pre-requisites to health and wellbeing. Stark inequalities exist between sections of the population and affect health outcomes. For example, a child born to poorer parents will have worse life chances than a child born in more affluent circumstances. More affluent people not only live longer but also live a greater proportion of their lives in good health.

Financial austerity in recent years has had a major impact. In addition to the direct impact on the local population, for example through reduced income and unemployment, reduced resource availability has affected the ability of local authorities to deliver services. Nonetheless, Bury is ambitious and aspirational and is committed to working with and for local residents to support the best possible health outcomes.

Lesley Jones - Director of Public Health - Bury Council
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