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Bury Circles of Influence

A conference for young people and decision makers



On 29th June 2016, young people from across Bury came together to meet with local decision makers and contribute to future change at the annual Bury Circles of Influence conference. Decision makers sat in circles with young people discussing issues on 5 themes: Health; Education; Places to go, things to do and transport; Young People facing additional barriers; and Safety, culture and inclusion. 44 young people attended aged 13-18 from 11 secondary schools and colleges including 6 young people from Bury’s Youth Cabinet. There were 28 adult decision makers including the Executive Director of Children, Young People and Culture and other senior officers from the local authority, councillors, representatives from local health services, schools, the police and the third sector. As well as circle discussions, young people were invited to take part in a number of interactive activities designed to gather their views on life in Bury. Young people also identified a number of priorities from each theme group. Young people from Bury Youth Cabinet organised the event and facilitated activities throughout the day. This was an invaluable experience for the young facilitators as they gained confidence and developed a variety of skills. One young person in particular over came great nerves to act as a presenter on the day which was incredibly empowering for them. The day was full of excitement and enthusiasm as young people really took the lead and offered decision makers some feedback on, and ideas for, the services they provide in Bury. The young people also spent some time thinking about how they as young people could address the issues that they identified. The Council’s Communities and Wellbeing Procurement Service also took the opportunity to ask young people about their experiences of using health services and what recommendations for change they would like to make. The conference included a variety of activities. This report contains details of the findings from each of these activities. These are followed by key findings and recommendations for the future. The full report is attached and available to download from this page. 





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